H’e – Dangerous Liaisons

LAST UPDATE : 21/06/2021


Ask on Instagram by Nyx.ff_xiv. Discord think this is NSFW so… ok, go gor it !


• Miqo’te Female 0% / Male 100%
• Miqo’te Female 0% / Female 42%
• Au Ra Male 100% / Miqo’te Male 100%


• If you have any issue, you can PM on my social media / discord.
• Don’t share any adjustement of my work without asking me before. If you have a problem with my pose work : you can directly pm me here or on my following social media.
• No reposts and if you want to work on your own version (and using my pose as a base), I would prefer to be DM first!
• Hashtag: #posesbyhe #sakuragroveposes #enchantedkingdomxiv


Feel free to support me on :
• https://twitter.com/HeaiLo
• https://www.instagram.com/helo_ffxiv/

For more poses, go check Sakura Grove Discord & Enchanted Kingdom Discord:
• https://discord.gg/TerUq8s
• https://discord.gg/hDUk2kpAhQ


• Haircut: Bun Miqolander Mashup → N’ana / WINGS OS0514 → DW
• Top: Bad Bitch → Solona / T&F Pret-A-Porter C → Titan & Firm
• Pants: T&F Pret-A-Porter D → Titan & Firm
Preset: Neneko


Pose Creator since December 2019 - Sakura Grove/Enchanted Kingdom staff

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