Haebyeon Couple Pose

❥ Anamnesis Pose: Haebyeon Couple Pose

❥ Races: made for midsize Au Ra and midsize Midlander (others with adjustments)

❥ Gender: unisex

❥ Comment: here we have a very cute couple pose made for lazy moments together at the beach. May clip with some ears and horns. Enjoy ♥


✓ Feel free to tag me on instagram @siwonbun_ffxiv or twitter @SiwonN15 if you take a picture using my poses ♥

✓ Join my Discord Server for some exclusive poses i’ll drop there regularly: discord.gg/JH8h7kxN6Z

✗ Please do not upload this to any discord or other website if it’s not me doing it, don’t claim it as your pose and do not use it as base for poses to claim as your own!

✓ Feel free to edit it as you like for PRIVATE use instead!


Heya I'm Siwon! I've got a big passion for gposing and doing poses. I try my best and hope you ppl like my work :3 Commissions are open. I will do my best to take requests

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