Exciting Gifts

Name: Exciting Gifts
Affects: Anamnesis, CMTool
Races: midlander highlander miqote au_ra lalafell viera
Genders: Unisex

Contributors: This is part of my Christmas bundle release! I hope you enjoy all the poses and feel free to join my server if you’d ever like to see my upcoming WIPs!

Comments: This pose is made for both male and females. You might have to make very small adjustments if you have custom bodies. For this pose, you will need to use the prop ‘Colorful present stack’. This is a prop found in CMTools and Anamnesis under the ‘Weapons’ or ‘Props’ tabs. You can easily search it up! You do no need to scale down this item, but you can if you’d like!

– Both genders
– Races: Hyur, Lala, Miqo’te, Au Ra, Viera
– Both file versions (CMTools and Anamnesis)

If you find any issues with the pose, please let me know!
If you’re interested in tagging me to see your photo’s on social media, please use #Raphyposes
Discord: discord.gg/8Dukytg3H2

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