A posepack containing 6 elegant and cool poses for Elezen.

  • Anamnesis poses. Won’t work in CMTools.
  • Tested on Elezen (max heigh M, both min and max for F). Might need adjustements depending on your height, face and ear choices.
  • Birth of Violence is inspired by the cover of the album of the same name by Chelsea Wolfe. No actual violence involved, but it does require you load a dagger in your right hand only.
  • Some poses are very heavy on shoulder/arm movement, so they may look a bit distorted because Elezen proportions. I tried my best but YMMV and you might need adjustement.
  • I’m still new to posemaking, please be kind. Tell me if you have any problems or suggestions!

No extra previews this time because I didn’t have time, I might add them later in the drive folder.
Feel free to port and adjust as you like as long as you dont reupload the pose.

If you like what I make, consider buying me a Ko-fi or commissioning art from me!

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