Comes with 1 couples pose for aura and viera (can be edited for all tall races). Based on IRL pic of me and fiancé when we got engaged.

Hope you all like and please don’t forget to tag #sallysgardenposes #FFXIVGlamazons so I can see your work! Might need some adjustments depending on the hat you’re using.

Was fun making these so hope you have fun using them.

❦ꕥ❦ It’s an Anamnesis Pose so depending on races and heights might need minor adjustments.

❦ꕥ❦ Edits allowed for personal use only

❦ꕥ❦ Do not upload it to any discords/modding websites/patreons/Kofi etc. ❦

ꕥ❦ Do not use pose as base and claim as your own. Do not claim it as your pose ❦ꕥ❦


Pretty new at creating poses, but having fun. Hope you like an enjoy them as much as I have making them!