E&C Pose Pack 2: 6-11


The second installment to a small series, for the smalls, and even the talls who wanna be adorable~. Never has it been easier to be a sweet little heart throb than now! If you all want more of these types of poses, by all means find me on the birdie app and let me know~.

Side notes for these poses: 

  • Some tweaking will be required from face to face, which includes face sculpts, body scaling, etc.
  • These poses were made with heels, adjustment will need to be made for your feet.
  • Feel free to use as a means to make other poses, but please do not claim as your own.
  • Included is a full body SFW preview of the poses.

Yorra Villeneuve

Dummy thicc and just dumb, but I do pics kind of good, and I make poses kind of alright. If you see, me no you didn't. And if you tell anyone, I'mma kiss you ♥

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