[Dazzle] Misc Model Pack 01


I’ve been making a lot of poses for reference sheets, so I thought it’d be nice to finally do a release of ’em! Enjoy c: Thank you to my good friend Lissy for letting me use her gorgeous WOL as a model fort his <3

🌿 Not fully tested on all races! I make it for the race of the specific client, and then adjust it to fit the race in the preview shots.w
🌿 Adjustments will 100% be necessary depending on race, body type and scaling.
🌿 Personal edits are fine.
🌿 Do not edit and upload as your own.
🌿 Do not claim as your own.
🌿 Feel free to use for anything, but please credit me if asked where the pose is from.

❦ Social Media ❦

❧ Twitter :: https://twitter.com/DazzlingEnd
⠀⠀❦ #dazzlingpose (I’d love to see your work!)
❧ Ko-Fi :: https://ko-fi.com/dazzlingend

❦ Mods on Character ❦
❧ Body :: Bibo+
❧ Sculpt :: EGO by Sai
❧ Hair :: 2 Bow Pony by Clef
❧ Undies :: Somnus by Prayer
❧ Tail :: Improved Au’Ra Tail ( Decorated ) by longerrpigs


πŸƒ 🌾 DAZZLE πŸŒΎπŸƒ Just an XIV player that enjoys making art and poses

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