Cute Boy Cuddles

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It’s always nice to take some time and get away with a loved one. The pose was created with a max-heigh m au’ra and a min-heigh m viera but can be adjusted for any race and gender.


Calyx never had the same ambition to uncover world secrets and mysteries as his parents. As the child of two members of the Forum in Sharlayan, he had access to a wonderful education and a fast track to the most sought-after research positions. None of the high-profile cases interested him much, it was simpler things that he found interesting, the things everyone took for granted. After some confused expressions and countless queries to make sure he knew what he was doing, Calyx earned a position researching Glamour. He now spends his time traveling Eorzea, learning the fashion customs of different nations and cultures as well as the magicks used to convert their armor into more appealing garments.

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