celestia ludenberg


“I do not think we have been introduced. I am Celestia Ludenberg. Ludenberg. It is my name. But if you don’t mind, I would prefer you to call me Celeste.”

This time is a pose pack of four poses inspired by Celestia Ludenberg’s sprites! The pose pack includes previews of the poses before you can try them out. All the poses in the pack have all been done with a masculine Viera character model, so adjustments will need to be made for your character. The poses are also best taken from the waist up, to keep in spirit with the sprites from the game and talking to them, so the bottom half of the body will look sorta wonky and not a lot with it. The poses are not perfect so I’m hoping they are decent.

If you use any of the poses, either tag me on Twitter @aarisasinval or use #sinvalposes, I would love to see what you guys create!


I take silly little gposes of my WOL's and make silly little poses. If any poses are used, tag me @aarisasinval on Twitter!

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