[C] Let’s Battle!

A Pokemon Pose Pack Set!

It has all the pokemon girls currently that are out as an anime figure! I will be adding others later on as time goes by. It has been tested on only female Au Ra (50) but should work with midlander type races. I scaled down the pokeball to 0.45 to fit into their hands. I also included pictures of each one and they are also in Anamnesis when you hover over. I included what outfits I used for each one in a text document.

[Feel free to edit my pose!]
[Personal edits are a-okay as long as they stay personal!]
[Please do not repost my work edited or unedited!]
[Please do not use these in nsfw clothing/naked!]
[Want me to see you use my poses? Please use #cuddlewayposes and #posesofetherealskies !]
[When I become more well versed in pose making, this may be updated!]


Pose Maker ♡

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