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Original Release: 3/17/2020


☠️Repost my poses as your own
☠️No repurPOSEing my poses/part(s) & claiming as your own
☠️using my poses/part(s) to create raunchy NSFW versions for ANY purpose
☠️using any poses/part(s) for private or paid commissions

?Any alterations needed for photo purposes is fine
?Taking NSFW (i.e; nudes or lingerie) photos is fine
?My poses are posted to Sakura Grove Discord before here, link below
?If you post photos using my poses on Instagram use #FFXIVenusPoses so I can see them!
?Consider supporting me if you’re able & like my poses! Link to my Kofi below

Lots of Love

?Sakura Grove Discord?

?Consider Supporting Me!?


♥Hello!♥ I mainly make my poses for myself & to take photos, I share them because I love to see other people using my poses as well! I hope you enjoy my poses. Check out my photos on Instagram @Venus.FFXIV (the profile doesn't wanna show a link to my IG or website...which I had made my IG P: ) Lots of Love Venus ♥

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