[Amane] Gun (Machinist) Pose Pack

A pose pack for Anamnesis that features 5 Machinist poses. I heavily used Bayonetta as a reference here, obviously. <3 Outfit details are listed below if curious.

This has been tested on min height Au Ra.

Please use /bstance in gpose and freeze while the gun is in your hand, then load the pose. This will ensure the correct weapon/hand position.

*Do not redistribute or sell any of these poses.
*Do not claim the poses as your own.
*Do not use the poses as a base and claim as your own.

Outfit credits:
Ponytail hair: Cranberry by Crys (short hair is a vanilla one)
Latex body suit: EXCELLENCE by ELYSIUM
Boots: Yorha Collection 2B by Titan Firm
Gloves: Tight&Firm Gloves Collection by Titan Firm
Glasses: Cauldronfiend’s Spectacles :p


I came here to chew bubblegum and pose, and I'm all out of bubblegum.