[Amane] Astrologian Pose Pack

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A pose pack for Anemnesis that features 5 poses with astrologian weapons in mind. These have been tested on min height Au Ra and Miqo. Other races will likely require adjustments.

For poses where cards are held, freeze your character during /bstance once the card is in your character’s hand. You can rotate the card in your hand to show the shiny side or the backside, whichever you prefer. :3

IMPORTANT: You must use the FULL TRANSFORMS (ADVANCED) option in Import by clicking the drop-down arrow! You must also have P selected when you do this (position slider). If you need to manually adjust weapon positions but don’t know how, visit https://nyanya.studio/anamnesis-weapons-and-invisible-models/

I also use a mod to remove the card deck, so I apologize they’re not in the image preview.

*Do not redistribute or sell any of these poses
*Do not claim the poses as your own.
*Do not use the poses as a base and claim as your own.


I came here to chew bubblegum and pose, and I'm all out of bubblegum.

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