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[z] M’s Cottage Dress

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resize of M’s Cottage Dress

Uranus chest with choice of:
– clearance for YAB, b+ plump, or bimbo+ legs
[[ CAVEAT if you’re a dragon girl or have significant hip C+ enhancement, you’ll wanna size up to mega ]]
– clearance for b+ mega legs

INCOMING SOON (TM): YAB large buff chest size (with both skirt clearance options)
if you want to muck about with colors: row #13 is the belt, row #16 is the dress.
includes options to remove the poufy sleeves and butt bow

REQUIRES original mod from

massive thanks to M for allowing upsizes on her work.

M’s perms apply —>
“⋅ None of my work is to be used in commissions of any kind. ⋅ You may colorset for personal use.
⋅ Do not port my clothing to lalafell models, pregnant bodies, Eve body, Apres Moi Body or Unified body.
⋅ My work is not a resource.”

Problem? Want to request a different size? Poke me on discord at Zephyr#8562.

M for original mod
Saoirse for Uranus
illy/tsar/bizu for bibo+
rox for bimbo+
aleks for yab+
req rider for RT sizes
red for thiccer bibo legs

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