YoRHa Type-Crystal


Vanilla gear mashup for fem talls!

replaces YoRHa Type-51 Robe of Casting

-for vanilla bods only

-3 Dye options: light blue scarf, dark blue scarf, and fully dyeable with white back scarf (wristlets remain black on full dyeable option)

-feel free to adjust the material colors however you like!

Known Issues:

-some usual minor clipping with certain poses/actions

-some gloves cause an issue where the chest breaks up (no idea why)

*if you come across any issues that aren’t mentioned that make the mod unusable please message me on Twitter @xiv_eris!*

Important stuff:

1. Editing/Upscaling, ports to other body types/genders is ok(and encouraged!) but please give credit for original :)

2. The stuff I make is FREE! Please don’t monetize it if you are posting an edit/port.

3. wcif friendly!

4. If you’d like to share your gposes with my mods, use the tag #ephiestuff so I can gush over your character!


learning to make mods and wanted to share stuff i've made!

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