woodland elf ✦ dress, boots, circlet, staff

an elf themed outfit for midlander based female models! mashup of the woodland warden’s skirt and theophany robe, plus some other bits for accessories. includes a dress, boots, circlet, and white mage weapon.
✦ outfit replaces the theophany set (robe, thighboots, and circlet). white mage weapon replaces the matte replica blade’s mercy.
✦ comes with options for either gold or silver accents.
✦ the circlet may clip with your hair or have a gap around the head- i did my best to make it fit somewhere in the middle but it may need adjusting depending on your hairstyle. leaves on the circlet are also dyeable \o/
✦ may be clipping in extreme poses.

feel free to edit for personal use!
if there are any issues you can let me know via discord (mabel0414)

edit- fixed seam on arms + added viera circlet model

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