Premium Content: [Outfits]Wishful Night

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Public Release: 11 February 2023
TP port for Patron’s early access at November 2022 (2 of 4)
Available for All Females (Unisex for Lala)

Replaces: Faerie Tale Princess’s Dress, Gloves, Heels, Crystarium Choker (Replaced Prince set for male lala instead)

Tall Females require Bibo+ 2.0 or later version:

Lalafells have 3 options as vanilla, Otopop or Re[de]fined Lalafell,
otopop and Re[de]fined Lalafell version required to download their body mods,
Vanilla doesn’t require any additional download:
Otopop by Ulli:


Re[de]fined Lalafell by Minou:


Credits: Bibo+ for Bizu, Tsar, Illy
Krauter for Remin

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