The Glamour Dresser

Winter in Amaurot

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A winter-themed vanilla mashup for midlander-based males for all my ancients enjoyers out there. It dyes pretty decently (although I wouldn’t really reccomend leaving it undyed due to slight colour discrepancies — besides that, the default colour of your average Amaurotine’s sophist robes is actually soot black, which is slightly different than the default colour of the playable Sophist robes.) The sleeves are a bit of a disaster too and they’re really long, the fur trim at the end is chunky as hell, but I couldn’t easily fix them any further. Fair warning that hand positioning is going to be a tad bit bit screwy with certain animations.

If you don’t like the colour of the tassels/beads, you rows 7 and 8 of the colourset to change the colour of the beads holding the tassels together, and rows 11 and 12 for the tassels themselves! I don’t have plans to mess with this any further, as I just dropped about 6 hours on fiddling with it.

If you want to port this to different races/genders, then you may do so with my blessing, as long as you credit me and keep the original mod title in some capacity. If you want your to share images of your blorbos in it, use the #hythmods for guaraunteed Bureau approval!

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