Willow ⟡ Au Ra 1/101 Face Sculpt

Hello! Recently I have been working on a high poly sculpt for Au Ra face 1/101 and I’m happy to finally share it with you. This includes changes to the limbal ring and tweaks to the eye size, nose, and mouth.

What is included:

⟡   A high poly Au Ra head 1/101 sculpt
⟡   Custom makeup
⟡   Transparent version of makeup
⟡   Custom eyebrows and eyelashes

Preview feature footage and emotes: https://vimeo.com/730815175

The head is set up so it can be used with any makeup or eyebrow/eyelash set. If you prefer another eyebrow/eyelash design or different makeup feel free to change it! The makeup files have been included in the download if you want to use them on a different head model. The eyelashes and eyebrows install with the makeup texture so keep this in mind when installing it, however, these can be replaced by other eyelashes/eyebrows sets. The sculpt option is purely just for the head model and does not include the eyebrows/eyelashes. Shape keys have been removed so you will be unable to change any settings in relation to eye size, nose, mouth etc.

Additional features – The eyes have been made larger, as well as a fix to the limbal ring to fit around the eye size and to improve the quality. Keep this in mind when using certain iris speculars however as if they are too small it can lead to the edges of the eyes to appear blocky.

Things to note – There is a slight seam on the neck in certain lighting setups, I have tried a few ways to fix it but unfortunately there has not been a specific method that has made the seam perfect. The optional face scales on the side of the face which you can find in ‘Other Features’ have been removed due to the way they wrapped around the sculpt. The upper and lower darker eyeshadow and scale above the nose however is included. The eyes also do not fully shut with certain emotes.

Permissions – Feel free to tweak the head model however you like. Any tweaks made to the sculpt itself please keep private and not as a base for a published mod. Do not share the makeup or eyebrow/eyelash design as a personal mod.

If you spot anything wrong or would like to ask me anything, feel free to contact me at Eme#0125

I’d love to see your wol’s, so if you end up using the sculpt use #emesmods so I can see them ♥

Also, if you like what I create feel free to check my links out!



⟡   SE for the base head model
⟡   Vermillion for the Female Au Ra collection
⟡   Illy and Tsar for Bibo+
⟡   Lye for Lithe+
⟡   Curse&Omen for the Zolriada hair and Kagerou dress
⟡   Moon Doll Mods for the Celestial Stars Crown
⟡   Mika for the Creeping Spring scales jewelry
⟡   Nozomi Kei for Roxa’s Coffin Nails
⟡   Vermillion for the Eye Mega Pack
⟡   Craziux for the eye upscaling
⟡   Elegy for the bright eyes catchlight

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