Premium Content: Wildflowers

A lacy one piece mod for Midlander based males and females. (midlander, miqo, aura, elezen, viera)
Replaces Kupo Jacket. Uses leotard settings so no pants can be used with it.

Fully dyable. Default is very shiny, dyes more matte.

Comes in 4 versions for males. 1 for females. Select only one type for males.

The Body SE Slim with and without bulge
The Body SE Type 2 with and without bulge

Uses Bibo Small for females. Bibo needs to be installed.

Expect clipping in extreme poses.

Made from scratch using Marvelous Designer


Don’t claim as your own.
Don’t upload anywhere else or share with others.
Private edits are okay but please keep it private.
Don’t use for commissions.

Any issues please message me

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