Where the Heart is – Gshade / Reshade Gameplay Preset Pack

UPDATE: Some minor changes to brightness, and the filmicpass is an optional toggle.

This is my first attempt at making gameplay presets! Thank you so much for giving them a try. They are relatively simple but are designed to enhance the vibrancy of the colours in this game and some brightness whilst being skintone friendly. Please see preview photos in the MEGA folder.

These have been tested on varying skintones, weather conditions, instances and times of day.

Presets included:

Mist – A mild preset with natural, cool colours to compliment the seas
The Goblet – A warmer preset much like the tones in Uldah
The Lavender Beds – A vibrant preset that brings out the many tones in foliaged areas
Shirogane – A colourful that is rich in a variety of colours
Empyreum – A colder, slightly muted preset that matches snowy areas
Home Sweet Home – A more vibrant vanilla gameplay preset

The FPS ranges from about 60s – 70s depending on which zone you’re in, it might be more on more powerful systems, I play on laptop so that is about what I average approximately.

I have made these on the old Gshade with current shader files, please let me know if there are any issues and I will do my best to fix them!

I am lax about this stuff. You can share these with friends, edit them for your personal use etc just don’t upload as your own and don’t sell them for monetary gain. If someone asks for them, you are free to share them or refer them to a direct link.
Do not use to create harmful, bigoted, hateful content. That’s all I ask!


I do a bit of dabbling. She / Her. I love seeing everyone's beautiful screenshots with my presets! If you're inclined to use a hashtag, #Elvashade or #Elvashaders works just fine!

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