Weaver’s Swallowtail Cleanup

This is just a quick little cleanup, removing all the weaver accessories from the Weaver’s Swallowtail, leaving us with a clean regency coat.
It will go over the Weaver’s Swallowtail on import but can of course be reassigned as you wish.

– Dyeable! The coat will dye, in the preview it is dyed dark red.
– Long gloves are A-OK!
– I left the neck scarf colour intact this time for full vanilla feel, but if you wish to dye it, it’s colorset row 8!


This was created specifically to cater to myself, and as such the cleanup is probably a bit janky. I cannot guarantee no clipping or visible seams.

Do not redistribute/re-upload. Otherwise, feel free to do with this as you please, edit, port, mashup into something else~

If you use it for screenies, I want to see! Please tag #lrenmods


I need to put fancy collars and cravats on EVERYTHING.

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