Waterdavian Scholar (BG3 Port)

A requested port of the Waterdavian Scholar hairstyle from BG3. Applies to hair 122 for m!au ra.

This hair is hat compatible!

Feel free to port to other races/genders!

**Known issues**
I did my best to soften the textures but they still have what I’m calling a crispy look, lol. It’s most noticeable in motion. In addition:
– ADOF shaders will blur the edges of the hair.
– MXAO shaders will darken the hair; this is most noticeable on white/light colors.
Other shaders may affect the hair as well, but these are the ones I noticed!

Additionally, this hair sits close to the neck and may clip through tops with big collars/shoulder pieces!


Hi I'm rasp! I'm making things for myself and sharing them as I go along.

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