Warrior Shader AKA The Apocalypse ANYWHERE – A Shader for Gshade

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Warrior is the shader that enables you to have the apocalypse ANYWHERE. Since it was requested, this set comes with both an indoor and outdoor version.

This shader has been tested in a lot of areas, but not all. It was primarily tested during the day, and works best in cloudy weather typically, however it may vary depending on the area. The zip folder includes three images that need to be installed in the textures folder, one of the apocalypse sky, one that is a solid color layer, and one that adds sparks.

Please note, the image of apocalypse sky that is used as the background image for this shader was taken at my screen’s resolution, and you may need to adjust your game’s window size in order to preserve the quality of it if you are using a higher resolution screen. Alternatively, you can scale it in the stage depth settings with some loss of quality (which does not matter hugely if you are doing a close up image as ADOF will blur it anyway).

Below are the installation instructions if you have chosen the default locations for gshade on PC.

Please place the presets in the following location to use them:
Program Files > Square Enix > Final Fantasy XIV – A Realm Reborn > game > gshade-presets

And place the textures here:
Program Files > GShade > gshade-shaders > Textures

I would love to see your photos! Please use #FacinaturuShaders if you post them to social media so that I can find them. Thank you!

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