Warrior of Darkness


Become the Warrior of Darkness. Literally. This was made FOREVER AGO and inspired by Gaia. And no, I’m not sorry for making TWO Gaia based mods because she’s best girl and deserves it. This one used to be on the Archive (but we can’t have nice things) and was my very first work. It’s a bit rough and I may come back and touch it up soon.

Update 1.12:
-Added texture fixes since this mod was made LONG before 6.5
-Added a vfx for the Beast Gauge aura


Y'shtola's Disciple and Acolyte | Gaia's husband | Pronouns are My Lord/His Excellency | Please respect them | pfp artwork is by krekkov | | When I first started out, I had no idea I was gonna get into modding, but here I am. Making a bit of scratch doing what I love. I'm doing this full-time until my ideas dry up and I have to get a real job. So if you wanna buy me a few tomestones so I can pay Rowena for rent, I'd appreciate it.

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