Premium Content: Wardancer

✦ Wardancer ✦
Armour set for Bibo+ Medium ported from Lost Ark and made from scratch
Thank you Norfleet for the commission ♡

This set is legacy Lost Ark content, and has been through a lot to get it to this stage, including retextures and remeshing.
The gloves and pants are made from scratch.


✦ Replaces ✦
Augmented Lost Allagan Coat of Striking
Augmented Lost Allagan Gloves of Striking
Augmented Lost Allagan Breeches of Striking
Augmented Lost Allagan Thighboots of Striking

Augmented Lost Allagan Ring of Slaying – Right

✦ Permissions ✦
Do not reupload anywhere
Do not share
Do not use any part for commissions/ports to other games
Do not claim as your own
Private edits & ports allowed
Upscales and Downscales fine, eve body is prohibited
Rules are more in depth in my discord ♡

✦ Programs used ✦
Substance Painter

✦ Links ✦
Twitter ♡
Ko-Fi ♡
Patreon ♡
Discord ♡

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