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Hello People!

The Voxomi Ears were made by Vortex and Yaomi from scratch.

We have different Variations.

If you have already a Tail mod and want them to be combined with the ears, i will do that for a Ko-fi :>

It comes on the:
— Werwolf head for all races.
— Paissa flipping ring for all races because Yaomi insisted to have it on the creepy owl/cat monster. (Right ring)
— And on the Miqo’te Tails 1, 2 and 3 (Male and Female)

It comes in the Variations:
— Full Hair color.
— Full Highlight color
— Ears Hair color, Fluff Highlight color
— Ears Highlight color, Fluff Hair color
— Left Ear Hair color, Right ear Highlight color
— Left Ear Highlight color, Right ear Hair color
— Ears Hair Color and Fluff White Everything with or without Ear Accessories

For more stuff, feel free to join our discord :>

Insane Asylum

Use the #tanakiposes on Instagram and Twitter so we can see your creations :>

Other than that, have fun! Hope you enjoy this collab!

Vortex & Yaomi <3

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