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by Émigré

A face package including sculpt, makeup and various optional additions
The second package inspired by ball jointed dolls

SS Dump, emote examples video, etc

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Support for Textools and Penumbra
Works on all midlander males, elezen males and viera males
Created from viera male 04
Five different makeup options and makeup .psd for easy customising
Default ears or hyur ears for elezen and viera
Elezen ear morphs retained, wildwood clasps work
Option of hiding of viera ears included in installer
Optional dyeable eyelashes matching hair colour
Optional always dark eyebrows
Compatibility textures for TBSE to minimise neck seam

Etc combinations
Default eyebrows, dyeable eyelashes
Dark eyebrows, default eyelashes
Dark eyebrows, dyeable eyelashes

Default eyebrows and default eyelashes are installed by default, do not pick any above options in the installer if you wish to keep this

Makeup options
01 Defined (Natural with more defined and realistic texturing)
02 Freckled glossy (Heavily freckled with red shading, wet highlights, glossy red lips, extra veins, blemishes and blood vessels)
03 Red lip (Freckled, heavy red blush and matte red lips)
04 Black lip (Freckled, matte black lips and black mascara)
05 Soft glitter (Soft lilac glitter highlights and glitter tears, soft matte pink lips and white mascara)
Use the .psd included in the zip to create custom makeup from all the different parts

A natural makeup closest to vanilla textures is installed by default with main installer, do not run makeup installer if you wish to keep this
Run the makeup installer after the main installer to choose between makeup options
If using Penumbra, give the makeup mod priority

Kartoffel, rushofsighs for texture upscales

Do not resell
Do not share to more than one person without additional purchases
Do not use as a base to create a mod
Personal edits allowed
You may commission edits, please ask me first

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