Viera’ra 【A Male Viera Overhaul】

Viera’ra 【A Male Viera Overhaul】

This mod is a complete overhaul of Male Viera that makes them look, head to toe, like Male Au’ra!
This mod includes: Seemless Body and Face Scales, A Semi-Functional Tail, Interchangeable Horns via Ears, and 4 Scale colors!

The Body SE:
Ilusio Vitae Custom Skeleton (IVCS):

The Body SE is needed so that the scales will work, and IVCS is needed so that the Tail will work. Otherwise without IVCS the tail will go stiff and move with the head!

I tried my best to make this mod as friendly as possible with other types of mods, but of course I can only do so much with such a large project!
This mod conflicts with Ear Mods, Body Texture Mods, and Face Texture Mods

Aside from the three I just stated, this mod does play well with Face Sculpts, Eye Textures, Eyebrow/Eyelash Mods, Facepaints, Hair Mods, Animation Mods, etc.

Sadly I did not have the foresight to save the unmerged materials of the face scales so if you want to overlay your makeup mod be prepared for some amount of difficulty! That said I did try my best to have the scales clear away from the spots usually effected by makeup so it shouldn’t ideally be too difficult if you have an overlay!


Q: “Is there a way to take a specific part of this mod, like the horns and tail or the scales, and use them exclusively without the rest?”
A: Yes! I made sure that the installer is very specific so you can completely customize what you want and don’t want!

Q: “Do you have plans to update this with Vanilla Ear and Tail variations or new types of tails?”
A: I am curious into about looking into alternate tails and even supplying a vanilla ear+tail option in the future but it is not at the top of my priority list, so the best I can give is a ‘probably’

Q: “Can I commission you to do a custom face scale or custom ear/tail/horn combonation?”
A: I am open to doing commissions in the future but I’d like to get a bit more confident in my skills and acquire a few more materials to make the creation process easier! But rest assured I have considered it!

Q: “Will you do Female Viera?”
A: I am very interested in doing A Female Viera Overhaul equivalent but I’m currently stumped in finding cutouts for female au’ra faces, but once I find those I will start pursuing the female variant earnestly!

Q: “Will you do [Insert Race] as well?”
A: Uhh… Maybe? I am interested in doing a Miqo’te equivalent but that’s very far down the road and the Female Viera version would come first! As for the other races, especially Lalafell and Roegadyn, they will probably be pushed very far down so much so I’d honestly rather tell you they’d never come. Sorry!

Q: “The tail isn’t working! It’s stiff and clips through the body!”
A: As I stated prior, you require the IVCS mod in order to get the skeleton to work with the new tail bones.

Q: “The inside of the White Scale and Raen mouth’s are blue!”
A: That’s intended as Raen have blue tongues and that’s how SE has decided to represent that. Admittedly, however, I did make it a touch more intense then vanilla Raen so my apologies! The best I can recommend is downloading a teeth mod like Illybites, Cawognashers, etc.

Q: “The top of my hair has two holes!”
A: This is because Viera specific hairstyles do not account for “not” having the vanilla ears so a hole is usually created in the absence of ears. The best advice I can give is to use a modded hairstyle or shared hairstyle.

Q: “I have ICVS downloaded but the tail doesn’t animate when idle or walking!”
A: This is because Viera do not have the animations to support a tail, however the issue is usually remedied by “shared” animations such as Weapon Drawn, and other none race specific animations such as dances.

Q: “Can I pose the tail in CMTool/Anamnesis”
A: Yes, absolutely! You simply need to locate the bone used by the tail in your respective program. In Anamnesis you can find it in the third bone tab listed under “Tail A-E”


Ports are allowed! Just make sure to adequately credit me and the contributors based off what material you are using!
Edits are allowed! Just make sure to adequately credit me and the contributors based off what material you are using!
Re-Uploads and otherwise claiming as your own is strictly not allowed!

Feel free to contact me on Twitter for any help or questions!
And please tag me or use #EamonMods in screenshots you take using this mod! Not for any specific reason other then me wanting to see your beautiful faces :3c
:twitter: @Eamonster_xiv


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