Premium Content: Vagrant, adventure outfit

Vagrant is a modernized steampunk style look for easy and sexy adventuring purposes. outfit comes in a worn out flexible looking tank top with a leather harness on top, stretch fabric and frayed leather hybrid pants with belts and buckles, steampunk style booties with menacingly long steel heels.

*Requires Bibo+ to be installed.

*Replaces: craftsman’s coverall top, strife bags, high house half boots.

*Pants and shoes are both a one piece on the strife bags, a patch for all other races has been included to prevent invisible feet.

*included a separate model for the shoes to be worn with other bottoms/outfits.

*Bibo+ large for the top, custom size legs for the pants: wider hips and slimmer legs.

*Shirt is short, medium, long gloves compatible fully dyable. pants and shoes will remain undyable.

*Shoes will not require heels plugin, made to fit Bibo+ and gen3, they’re technically fully dyable but the texture is diffused so colors will be a lot darker than usual, some lighter shades will look fine.

*Will not break lala or male models.

*Weights are looking good on everyone but minor clipping is to be expected.

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