Trans Bibo+ Devkit

A compendium/devkit for all commonly used trans Bibo+ bodies, to serve as a toolkit for easier and more accessible mod creation.

Comes with individual FBXs for Nymph, Flat, Muse+, Mars, and Bibo+ Trans Redux, and default Bibo+ legs, already ripped from TexTools so you can work with them on hand right away. Many flaccid and erect options are included for all AMAB legs.

Shapekeys are to be used to convert a mod from one body to another within seconds, with little to minimal adjustment. For more details on how to do this, please view the video guide I included in the download. Also included in the guide is a brief overview on how to use the animation path, which is designed to check for clipping in some of the more “extreme” idles and animations.

If you have any feedback, questions, or comments to provide regarding this devkit, feel free to redirect them all to me in either one of my servers. This is my first time creating a resource as extensive as this, so any feedback that may help is appreciated.

Additional permissions: you are free to edit this devkit as you see fit. Do not re-upload to other hosts or claim this resource as your own, as I’ve worked extremely hard on this.


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