Premium Content: Thor’s Valhalla – DWTS

🗲Name: Thor’s Valhalla – DWTS
🗲Author: Thor
🗲Mod Type: Top for TBSE | TBSE-X
🗲Affects: Street Top
🗲Races & Genders: Tall Males
🗲Comments: – 2 Designs (Plain dyable)

Do not upload it to any Discord/Site/Patreon/Kofi if it’s not me doing it
Don’t claim it as your work
Don’t use it for paid commissions
Don’t share it with anyone
-Edit only for private use

+Tag me on instagram @thors.ffxiv or use #thorposes or #thormods if you take a picture using myposes or mods/designs and want me to see those!
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Hi, I'm Thor and i mainly do FF14 related contents. I started gposing since a while now and I've been encouraged by friends to make my own poses and some simple outfits and share them with everyone. I hope you'll like my works and every help to keep going is well appreciated! SKOL!