Premium Content: The Lion – Midlander/Highlander Hair

“Be the Lion!”

Mashed up Tsars Messy Man Bun, Viera 15 and Hyuran 105.
Replaces Male Midlander and Highlander 105 (Wild long hair).
Strand can be disabled.
Now Hat Compatible (at least I think)

  • Credits to Tzar for his Messy Man Bun
  • Credits to SE for the original Models and Textures

If you find any Issues, please contact me. I am happy to help!

  • Do NOT claim as your own/repost/or include in paid mods.
  • Edits for personal use are fine.
  • Ports for other races/genders: Ask before release.


V1.01 – 20/09/23: Changed the placement of the Strand. Made Hat-Compatible

V1.02 – 20/09/23: Lets call it…Lucky? Highlander Version included now (super fast!)

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