The Bearer

Public Release: 23 June 2023
Available for Everyone
Replace face paint _decal_7
Handpaint by myself (KiwiForma)

FFXVI face tatoo as bearer.

My Link:

You can found me in these discord:
Studio Aleewi:
Wisteria Mods:

◽ Basically, you can do whatever on my public mods in #kiwimods
Upscale, downscale, colorset edit, mashup, take part of my mods into other mods.
You can do anything
Include that you can put your edit at ko-fi free and open for tips.
I really opened for my mods coz i don’t see that i own it (and by fact i don’t)
If you seriously being creative on mashup and workhard on the edit i not even mind you have it as early access paid content of your own.
Only limitation is no nsfw and lewd lala, i don’t want trouble. (nsfw talls is okay)
Add on: no spreading hateful message too!
For my mods that’s still on hold in early access, keep it personal edit, once it goes to public then you are allow to release your version. I don’t vault so you definitely have the chance to release yours edit ₍˄·͈༝·͈˄*₎◞ ̑̑
DM me if you have question

And oh ya, credit me in constributor, thank you xD


Just a nobody silently doing her hobby at the corner.

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