The Glamour Dresser


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This is a collection of GSHADE presets that I made to bring life into Eorzea’s colors!

These shaders should be compatible with all skin tones, but do let me know if you run into any issues with some of the unusual skin tones(blues, greens, reds) in the game and I can try to make adjustments! My Discord is Arden#6666 if you run into any issues or have requests for different versions.

#ardenstetra to share your wonderful creations with me on Twitter! I would love to see what you create.

Preview images were not altered or corrected in Photoshop. Images were taken in GPOSE with the game’s Depth of Field setting turned completely off, and with no filters, light sources, or brightness effects adjusted.

Included Shaders:

Tetra – This is the brighter version base.

Tetra Noir – This is the darker version base–be warned it will be difficult to see inside caves with this shader family.

For both bases, there is an optional Gameplay and Konpeito version. Gameplay has DoF, Chromatic Aberration, and MXAO turned off to enhance performance. Konpeito is a version for screenshots with stronger bokeh settings, shaped similarly to the konpeito candy for which it is named!

How to Install:

1) Locate your game installation. For example, this is mine:
SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XIV – A Realm Reborn\game\gshade-presets

2) Inside \gshade-presets you will want to either;
(Option 1: Move the Tetra Folder to that directory.)
(Option 2: Add the Tetra ini files to the Custom folder.)
I keep my most-used presets in Custom, but that’s just my habit!

3) In-game, press your hotkey to bring up the GShade menu.
The default is Shift+F2.

4) In the dropdown menu, navigate to where you saved the ini files and pick one.

5) Enjoy!

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