Tamamo Earring for Lalafell

This mod turns the Molybdenum Earrings (and everything that shares a model with them) into the ears of the Tamamo Headband, jet black, for lalafell.

(* preview picture by Lacrima.)

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  • Filibuster’s Earring of Aiming
  • Filibuster’s Earring of Casting
  • Filibuster’s Earring of Fending
  • Filibuster’s Earring of Healing
  • Filibuster’s Earring of Slaying
  • Molybdenum Earring of Aiming
  • Molybdenum Earring of Casting
  • Molybdenum Earring of Fending
  • Molybdenum Earring of Healing
  • Molybdenum Earring of Slaying
  • Rakshasa Earring of Aiming
  • Rakshasa Earring of Casting
  • Rakshasa Earring of Fending
  • Rakshasa Earring of Healing
  • Rakshasa Earring of Slaying
  • Yama Earring of Aiming
  • Yama Earring of Casting
  • Yama Earring of Fending
  • Yama Earring of Healing
  • Yama Earring of Slaying


  • Lalafell


  • Female
  • Male


Tags: #red-mods #tamamo #tamamo ears


Lali-ho! My name is Red, and I'm here to make FFXIV mods! I do upscales and downscales, bulge/butt mods, and revealing versions of original FFXIV gear pieces. I can also work with mods/meshes created by other people, so long as you supply me them and I have their permission to do it. I have rescales to various existing bodies such as The Body 2.0, Tight & Firm, the hrBody, Bibo+, and others, but if you're unsure whether I cover something you're interested in, make sure to shoot me a message. For male mods, I also work with all extra adaptations I have created based on TB2.0 and the hrBody (like the Dragon Within or Anatomically Correct hrBody mods). For female mods, I also offer custom viera feet mods. I also occasionally do custom 3D mods, but those are discussed on a case-by-case basis. Don't be afraid to chat me up to ask about it! More recently I have created a website for my mods and commissions, so feel free to browse it and check it out: https://www.redmakesmods.com/. Thank you for your support, and I hope you like my work!

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