Premium Content: Taboo (Bibo+)

Public release date: TBD
Available on my Patreon or Ko-fi if you prefer a one-off purchase.

Made from scratch in MD, Blender and SP. Thank you to my muse Kira for showing me the inspo! ♡ Also big thanks to Rae for letting me borrow her gorgeous Au Ra for previews! ♡

A two-piece set consisting of an edgy, strappy bodysuit with attached stockings, and a long cardigan/coat which comes in a sheer and an opaque option.

– Requires Bibo+ 2.0 or above to work properly and is fitted around Bibo+ Small.
– Everything is fully dyeable! The cardigan goes on an earring slot so it can be dyed via Anamnesis or CS row 16. If you opt for the sheer option, keep in mind that it will blur out into the background when using ADOF shaders. It will also make other sheer items underneath it look a bit off.
– The bodysuit is compatible with long gloves, thighboots etc.!
– The metadata on the bodysuit is set to hide leg items to prevent clipping in case you don’t use Bibo+ Small NSFW legs as your default body. If you’d like to wear bottoms with it, feel free to tick “BodyShowLeg” in the Advanced section of the Metadata tab, and hit Save. It will probably clip with most bottoms, but you might find something that works.

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