Summer Sunburn

This mod turns facepaint 21 (22 in glamourer) into a summer sunburn across the nose and cheeks!

Options for opacities at 100%, 75%, 50% and 25% are meant to suit different skintones. I also threw in an extra bright “125%” for fun if you want a brighter, stylized look. For guidance, higher opacities are better for lighter skintones doing bright shades like red while lower opacities are better for darker skintones darkening the skin to look like a natural burn and the lowest opacities are better for dark skin using bright colors like reds if you wanted to use it for something like a rosy blush look.

I recommend playing around with the two levels of brightness that face paints use as well as the opacities to find something that works best and you’re happy with!

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✦ Permissions: edits for private use are chill, don’t claim as your own or upload elsewhere.

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