Stroll Style

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­čÉ╝ NAME :Stroll Style by Blue
­čÉ╝RACE :lalafell ( male & female)
­čÉ╝AFFECT : oval glasses ( vanilla+ otopop) carbuncle earring, ( vanilla + otopop) carbuncle vest ,( ruby, emerald,topaze), manderville bottom, brillant egg, bones wrist and carbuncle boots, namazu neckerchief.
­čÉ╝INSPIRATION : Project diva
­čÉ╝CREDITS: Ulli for otopop- Project diva
­čÉ╝ADVERT : dress & socks are for otopop only, the rest of the set is ok for vanilla and otopop
­čÉ╝COMMENT : if you want to port it on another race, ask me ^^

If you want to find more make up, accessories and lalafell clothes, contact me on discord. You can find me


Beginning fashionistas, i started to be able to give our lalafell a little more color, make up and tattoos. I got hooked and now here you are testing a little bit of everything. I love color, glitter and anything that shines though, so be prepared. Blue- C'est la vie

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