Premium Content: Stories of Old

Stories of Old

Dress, shoes & hat for all tall females


Uses Lithe+ XS chest, Lithe+ shins

  • Dress replaces Frontier Dress
  • Shoes replace Frontier Pumps
  • Hat replaces Frontier Ribbon


  • Dress as one piece
  • Dress but sleeveless
  • 6 hat sizes to fit most hairs

Sheer parts can disappear with heavy ADOF
Legs are not included, will work with Lithe+ and Bibo+ S/M.
Body scaling should work, may have clipping for extreme scaling.
Can clip with some poses and custom animations / animation swaps.
Weights may not be perfect but did my best, works for both gameplay and GPose.
If you notice anything please send me a message, I’m always happy to help and fix things.

Comes as a TTMP2 file ready to use.


  • Do not claim as your own
  • Do not publish on other platforms
  • Do not resell, redistribute, upload or share for collaborations or commissions
  • Do not use outside FFXIV
  • Do not use as a base for your own work
  • Do not copy, trace or paint
  • Do not use to represent minors or minor looking characters in NSFW/erotic settings
  • Do not use to represent homophobia, transphobia, racism or any other hateful content
  • All purchases are final and not refundable
  • Private edits are okay
  • If you wish to port / resize for a race / body / other gender feel free to do so
  • Do not port for Eve body
  • Do not port to Lalafell (only friends are allowed to do so)
  • If you wish to share your port, contact me beforehand

Any breach of TOS will lead to ban on my spaces.
Anyone claiming a refund after accessing the purchased files will lead to a ban and flag your handle / socials / email as potential scammer / thieft with other creators.


Major Praline

Leon he/him