Steampunk Mega Mod Pack for All Females

This mod pack comes with a complete Steampunk look, including a mount replacement, for all Tall Ladies AND Lalas (accessories/mount only)!
Talls fitted around Bibo+ Perky Medium and Large bottoms. Lalas fitted to Otopop/vanilla. There will be clipping in some poses and with large boobas, though I did my best to test on all races.
Separate mods included in the zip file for individual installation.

Steampunk Wings come with a dyeable option and 5 color options. Check previews for examples.
Shoes and Top are dyeable.
Lala Wings have No Harness. All Tall Ladies have a separate Harness-only option without wings.
Headphones (Head) have special models for Miqo and Viera!
Hat comes both Earless and Regular for both Miqo and Viera.

Steampunk Monobike (All) Replaces SDS Fenrir
Steampunk Goggles (Head) (M,H,E,M,R,L,A,V) Replaces Brilliant Egg Earrings
Steampunk Goggles (Neck) (M,H,E,M,R,L,A,V) Replaces Heirloom Necklace of Aiming
Steampunk Hat (M,H,E,M,R,L,A,V) Replaces Evenstar Hat
Steampunk Headphones (Head) (M,H,E,M,R,L,A,V) Replaces Evenstar Earrings
Steampunk Headphones (Neck) (M,H,E,M,R,L,A,V) Replaces Evenstar Necklace
Steampunk Watch (M,H,E,M,R,L,A,V) Replaces Yo-Kai Watch
Steampunk Top (M,H,E,M,R,A,V) Replaces Taoist Shirt
Steampunk Skirt (M,H,E,M,R,A,V) Replaces Virtu Callers Loincloth
Steampunk Shoes (M,H,E,M,R,A,V) Replaces Salon Server’s Shoes
Steampunk Harness (M,H,E,M,R,A,V) Replaces Chocobo Ring – Right
Steampunk Wings (M,H,E,M,R,L,A,V) Replaces Brilliant Egg Ring – Right


Uses free and paid licensed assets. The top, skirt, and harness are not to be used in any other mods, paid or otherwise.
With the exception of the top, skirt, and harness, feel free to make your own free mods with these.
If you do, you MUST include the Attribution Text File in the zip file.

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Okaido Kachow

FFXIV Gposing Addict! I create all kinds of Gpose art, from portraits to action shots and even event advertisements! I've started dabbling in creating mods, too! Thanks for stopping by my page ~ it was good to see you!!

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