Starfall Outfit

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This month I’ve made a dress, shoes, gem belt, and crown! It started off with making a dress how I imagine I’d make the Starfall dress from ACOTAR if I was a cool fae seamstress. The rest just unfolded from there. The dress and crown have star vfx from the game, edited by me to fit the dress properly, and to fit over the head, instead of beneath and around the back. The dress is made with a mixture of glittery light I designed, faceted gemstones that catch light, and the sparkling vfx. The shoes are also made with the glitter and gemstones.


Hello! Thanks for visiting - I’m Elegy, and I made this page so anyone who would like to support me can do so! I’m a self-employed artist, and I truly appreciate any and all support, as it gives me time to create.

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