The Glamour Dresser

Spring’s Whispering by Kiwiforma for TBSE-Slim

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Original by Kiwiforma for Bibo+
Thank you to Tsar and Mimi for TBSE and TBSE-Slim.

This modpack includes:
* Dress (Far Eastern Matriarch’s Dress)
* Shoes (Far Eastern Matriarch’s Shoes)
* Armband (Far Eastern Maiden’s armband)
* Earrings (Limbo Earrings of X)
* Necklace (Limbo Necklace of X)
* Parasol (Vermilion Paper Parasol / Moonward Wand)

Expect clipping! It is not perfect but I tried my best.
Hair and hairpin will be included on a separate mod eventually.



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