The Glamour Dresser

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⭑ Space Oddity

Messy long hair with bangs option for female Hyur (midlander + highlander), Elezen, Miqo'te, AuRa, Viera


Replaces hair 162, can be moved on import.
Not hat compatible.

– Highlights
– Earless option for Miqo’te
– Hornless option for AuRa
– Posable with hair bones (females only)

– Can clip with some poses
– Works very badly with MXAO
– Back layers of the hair might clip with clothing which gives transparency
– Movements are stiffer for Viera
– Lighter colors of highlights might show some clipping


Comes as a TTMP2 file ready to use.


Feel free to use #chocolatpraline on your social medias so I can see your characters using my mods.

– Do not claim as your own
– Do not publish on other platforms
– Do not resell, redistribute, upload or share for collaborations or commissions
– Do not use outside FFXIV
– Do not use as a base for your own work
– Do not copy, trace or paint
– Do not use to represent minors or minor looking characters in NSFW/erotic settings
– Do not use to represent homophobia, transphobia, racism or any other hateful content
– All purchases are final and not refundable

– Private edits are okay
– If you wish to port / resize for a race / body / other gender feel free to do so
– Do not port for Eve body
– Do not port to Lalafell (only friends are allowed to do so)
– If you wish to share your port, contact me beforehand

Any breach of TOS will lead to ban on my spaces.
Anyone claiming a refund after accessing the purchased files will lead to a ban and flag your handle / socials / email as potential scammer / thieft with other creators.


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