Premium Content: Sombre ~ makeup, brow & lash set

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✤ Makeup for Female Au Ra Face 2/102 ✤

(‘Sombre’ is a soft gothic-esque makeup with reddish base tones, soft winged eyeliner and stained lips. Comes with 3 variations to choose from depending on the look you are going for. Compatible with all skin tones.) + includes ‘Dainty’ brows & lashes

• ───────────────── •

⟡ V1 (a more “natural” look); V2 (more dramatic eyeshadow with red undereye area and lips); V3 (same as V2 but without the red undereye area).

⟡ Only affects the face, eyebrow & lash textures.

⟡ I cannot guarantee whether or not this will be compatible with sculpts so please keep that in mind.

⟡ I am not responsible for how this looks with different shaders.

⟡ Looks best with lip colors and eyeshadow facepaints disabled.

⟡ The eyeshadow and/or eyeliner will distort a little depending on the combination of the eye and brow shape of your character. Unfortunately this can’t really be avoided but I did my best to make it work 🙁

⟡ Brows can change with your eyebrow shape.

⟡ The lashes will vary depending on your eye shape.

⟡ Install the dyeable brow modpack last. The dyeable option will allow the brows to dye with your hair color. Dyes really strong (intended for lighter hairs with dark skin. You may edit to your liking).

⟡ Comes with PNG files to overlay the makeup over scales of your choice. Given my weird blending style you may have to erase some parts or adjust it to accomodate whichever scales you use ><)

• ───────────────── •

> Uses my own upscaled vanilla textures.

> Do not reupload or claim as your own.

> Do not trace over the textures or use them as a base for redistribution.

> Do not use in any commissions or paid work.

> Do not share with anyone (including collabs) who has not purchased this.

> You are free to edit the textures for PERSONAL USE ONLY.


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