Solona’s Mmmhmm shirt & coat – TBSE-Q

howdy, i’m learning how to upscale so this probably isn’t amazing, but i wanted something pretty upscaled for the Big Boys out there.

It clips if you use customize+ (especially because the coat is on gloves) and may clip in certain poses, etc.. I’ll try to update it when the texture for the jacket decides to stop being a little shit

otherwise, like the original, it’s all dyeable. You could even switch the shirt to one that shows off the neck if you want to have a collar/choker that shows up!

NOTE: This is only the shirt and coat because i’m still learning, but if you pair it with Z-Man’s Educand slacks for SE-X, it’s pretty snazzy.


The original mod can be found here for base TBSE. I’m so sorry if i butchered your work, Solona ;-;


Howdy, i'm elfy, i'm a nonbinary artist who is learning how to do fun tattoo textures and VFX edits. Steadily learning how to upscale for TBSE-X/Q to feed the fellow buff men enjoyers out there. im p much elfyelfears everywhere. dont stalk me <3

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