Premium Content: soft descent: yoRHa witch edition (all tall females and lalafell)

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this is a nitro booster mod that i am releasing here for those who’d rather not boost.

thank you to minou for re[de]fined lalafell and the rips!

replaces the witchs coatee, witchs hat, crystarium rod/cane, scaevan magitek rod/cane for all female models, and both lalafell models. (the weapons work for everyone)
note the lalafell version will need re[de]fined lalafell installed for it to show up.
on the talls, there is some clipping on the lower parts of the armpits, i tried my best to fix it. sorry!

↠you may adjust and edit as you see fit.
↠you may pay others to make edits for you, as long as they have also purchased a copy.
↠you may NOT use this for nsfw lalafell.
↠please respect my rules, you can basically do whatever you want with these as long as its not used in nsfw lala content, or shared with people who did not purchase.
thank you and enjoy!

my links:
tumblr: (best way to view and dl my free mods)

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