[SME] Vampy GF – Fem Highlander – F101


PUBLIC: OCT 1st 2023 (Could be earlier but this is the absolute deadline)

Rosemint for the Diffuse Upscales “Vampy” is a dark goth makeup for face 1 female highlanders; I’ve took the time to take previews of the makeup with various eye, eyebrow and lip shapes to cover all my bases.

First two previews use Maya Obsidian Colorful Reshade Filter, last photo uses espresso glow “Shadowbringers Gameplay” filter.


Eyeshapes: imgur.com/a/p9LCzor

Eyebrows: imgur.com/a/JW4sDqL

Lip Shape: imgur.com/a/igRDJLI


– This was NOT tested on any sculpts, so there’s no promise that it will work for your face.

– Shapes can morph and deform depending on your eye and/or eyebrow shape (which is why I took extra previews)


– Raw diffuse PNG + edited multi (required for med-dark skintones; I recommend using it with the makeup not only for dark-skin compatibility but also overall smoother face textures)

– Transparent diffuse PNG

– Main Previews


– Once you own the makeup you’re more than welcome to edit it however you please for personal use.

– Though I can’t stop you, I ask that this not be mass-shared or shared in discord servers; any funds I do make from this directly support me and help me cover my smaller expenses (such as pet care and transportation), so I do appreciate any support.

– Please do not use any parts of the makeup in paid/commissioned mods

– I apologize for the price of the makeup; the price helps cover kofi & paypall fees while still allowing me to make some profit from the makeup’s sales.


I do the occasional hair port, sometimes a makeup mod or two, and the rare pose. If you have any questions or concerns, reaching out via my twitter is your best bet.

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