[SME] “Snapdragon” – Face 4/104 Fem Miqo’te Makeup


PUBLIC: 11/11/2023

CREDITS: Major Praline for the Miqo’te DevKit

“Snapdragon” was my attempt to branch out of my usual palettes and take on something more cute, but still kind of keeping a foot in the door in terms of style.

The makeup includes a version with clan marks for Seekers and Keepers, as well as clanless variants for both, and comes in two versions; a pink lip and a purple lip.

For close-up previews, I made an imgur folder for easier closeups that include previews of both versions of the makeup on various skintones, as well as with a reshade filter and without: imgur.com/a/VPHxLkh

What you get:

– Raw PNG diffuses + edited multis of both versions of the makeup (the multi is absolutely necessary for OCs with darker/unique skintones, otherwise it will not show up on your face; I also recommend it in general even if you have fairer skintones for a smoother face texture in-game)

– Transparent PNGs of the makeup diffuses (for easier customization + for people with custom skin textures or skin texture edits such as LPs Ephelis Faces and/or Miqo’te Facial Scars)



– I cannot promise this will work on face sculpts; this was made with vanilla faces in mind, so please be mindful before purchasing if you intend to use it on a sculpted face

– Since this is a digital product there will not be any refunds.



– Once you own the makeup you’re more than welcome to edit it however you see fit.

– Though I can’t stop you, I ask that this not be mass-shared or shared in discord servers; any funds I do make from this directly support me and help me cover my smaller expenses (such as pet care and transportation), so I do appreciate any support.

– Please do not use any parts of the makeup in paid/commissioned mods/adoptables

– I apologize for the price of the makeup; the price helps cover kofi & paypal fees while still allowing me to make some profit from the makeup’s sales.


I do the occasional hair port, sometimes a makeup mod or two, and the rare pose. If you have any questions or concerns, reaching out via my twitter is your best bet.

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