Sk8er Girl (Bibo+)

Public release date: 12/02/2022

Hello & welcome to my first Patreon release! I’ve worked on this set for ages now so it feels really good to finally show it to y’all.

– Requires Bibo+ for the skin textures to display properly. Fitted to Bibo+ Small.
– The top & jacket use a diffuse map, meaning the darker you dye it, the less saturated the patterns will become. Jacket goes in the necklace slot and can be dyed with Anamnesis!
– You probably already know that but the Gshade ADOF option doesn’t like transparent items – so if you use it with the jacket, it too will be blurred out. Just throwing it out there.
– The roller skates will clip into the floor by default so for posing, I recommend raising your character’s position up for them to show up.

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